• Ulemu Nkhoma

Wedding Tip: Pay it forward

Always go back and serve in the church that officiated your wedding or any other church in your community. For your wedding to be officiated someone sacrificed and cleaned the church, another played a role in the choir, some deacons were on duty, counsellors were available to counsel you, church coordinators were present to help you conduct rehearsals, and many others took various roles. All such people mentioned, and some not listed here, contributed under the umbrella of the church to make sure you have what people called a beautiful wedding on that day. If this is the case, then it is only right for you and me to also make this particular sacrifice or more to anyone getting married after us. Someone who doesn't even know you made life easy for you so you should have it in you to go and make life easier for the next person. Pay it forward and you will never regret.

Ulemu Nkhoma (UN)

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