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Wedding Tip: Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling involves a lot of topics to be discussed that a period of one to two hours is not enough to tackle all. Perhaps churches should try to conduct these counseling sessions for the new couple some weeks before the big day. Life has changed so have the activities which happen on the wedding day. A wedding day is generally hectic for the organizers, parents, friends and mainly the new couple.

Time is very limited on this particular day and I think the church counselors can do better by not conducting marriage counseling on the same day.

Counseling should not be a tick box exercise but rather where those to be counseled should listen and understand the message being given to them. On the big day, most couples tend to have their attention towards a lot of issues such as decoration, makeup, entrance dance, food, photo program, parents and friends, or the DJ, just to mention a few. With all these things going through them it is hard for them to listen or pay adequate attention to the marriage counseling. If possible the church should adjust and do this important exercise way before the big day.

Ulemu Nkhoma (UN) ✍

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