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Wedding Tip: Who should be in the wedding committee?

A wedding committee is a team comprising family members, friends, and church members to facilitate a wedding ceremony. The tough decision of who makes it in this particular team depends to a large extent on the needs and choice of the couple to-be.

When picking these members one should at least answers some key questions: 1. Would this person be trusted? 2. Would they subscribe to our wedding's vision? 3. Would this person work with other team members and accommodate their views? 4. Would this person make time for planning meetings for the wedding? Is he or she available on the wedding day? The couple should take some time to specifically visit the desired member to be included in this committee and formally ask if they are willing to help and if they will be available to help. Do not take it for granted to think that everyone you know will have time and be available for your wedding.

That said, whoever has made it in your final committee should not force you to include their child, relative or friend in your bridal party. As much as they would help in this assignment, you should not feel obliged to allow that to happen. Never!

On whether the team should be small or big, it depends on the couple's preference. I personally believe that a team of between 5 to 10 would be effective to handle this task as too much a number brings laziness.

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