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Wedding Tip: Wedding Gift

Marriage is a precious gift from God. Therefore it should be treated with respect and the special honour it deserves. Before we reach to the stage of marriage we have the wedding day. Because of resource availability and differences in preference on various areas there comes different expense spectrum and types of weddings. And this is inevitable. It is wrong to look at marriage as a tick box activity. Do not get married because your best friend did that, or because your relatives or parents are pressurizing you. Do not get married because it is trending. There is a difference between marriage and the wedding day.

The wedding day looks exciting, and attractive, but after the champagnes are popped; the guests, MC, photographer, DJs are gone; and the good-looking suits and wedding dresses are put aside; we come to the another chapter, another world, and that world or chapter is called marriage. It is a world only for the two of you and it is at this moment going forward that you will find out if you were after marriage or just the wedding day. Watch out on your wedding budget. It is not a must to copy everything from your friend's wedding setup. Do not over-stretch yourself in spending for you have a life to live and bills to pay after your wedding day.

Family, friends and guests we also have a duty to accept any couple's wedding setup, you are just a guest and not a judge. We tend to pressurize new couples and yet we do not contribute, for example; if a couple cannot afford to use a Mercedes Benz on their wedding day then let us not insult or laugh at them but rather pay for it (put your money next to your suggestion) or shelve your idea for good. In any case, it is not a must to use such a car on the wedding day. Let us learn to accept and respect people's choices.

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