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Wedding Tip: Sunny Day

On that one sunny day when this war with Corona-virus is over and life is back to what we define as normal, the events which where put on hold will have to be implemented. The confusion will then be in on the part of which date does the client move to? No easy decisions indeed for you!

For example, in terms of the venue and makeup artists with whom you booked some dates and made some full or part payments as a step towards the big day. To avoid missing out on the service providers that you had already chosen, one solution coming to my mind is to move your event to unfamiliar days such as Friday or Sunday. The familiar day for most events is Saturday, so one would have to avoid it when rescheduling. This might just help to avoid the issues of refund and a certain percentage of money taken from you.

In the meantime, stay home and be safe from Covid-19.

Ulemu Nkhoma (UN) ✍

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