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Wedding Tip: Services Providers Collaboration

If you have an event, do invest some time to meet the services providers you plan to book prior to the big day. Share with them your vision for the event and what you expect from them. Service providers are part of the event so it is important that they know and understand the vision for the event.

For example, a meeting with master of ceremonies (MC) should highlight how you would like the event to flow, the type of activities proposed and how they should be conducted. The DJ should be told the type of music to be played. The photographer and videographer can also be guided on the type of event it will be so that they can plan on what to wear on this particular day. Feel free to share with them the must take pictures / footage that you desire of them not to miss.

During meetings with service providers, you should be open-minded. You need to leave some room for them to show their creativity on your planned event.The most important thing is to share your vision for the event and the service providers, as experts, will know how best to inject their experience and skills into your vision.

If possible, try to avoid having these type of meetings on the actual event day. Not most people do give the needed attention.

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