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Wedding Tip: Planning

Prepare well for your wedding day. You need to start the preparations in good time so that the day before your wedding should only be a day you can sit back and relax knowing that you have minor issues to sort out. It should not be time to be very restless and run around to source money to finalize bills, buy clothes and shoes or rings, and the like. A well-prepared couple should have sorted this way back.

Poor planning would mean things like not setting a schedule of activities which should be followed at a certain period, and having no clear datelines to implement activities. Because of poor planning the risk assessment done is very poor as well to the extent that you will find boys / men going to the barbershop the day before the wedding, going to the laundry to get suits cleaned on express the day before the wedding day, or ladies going to laundry with a wedding dress the day before the big day. That is a sign of poor planning. It should be avoided at all cost.

There is nothing like over-planning. If you happen to have a chat with those who have recently just done a wedding, ask for guidance on price, service providers, etc, and share notes. Just be humble and learn from them. From such consultations you can come up with a plan at least 12 months before the big day. From that, you need to draw a wedding checklist specific for your desired type of wedding. Share responsibilities with your fiancee and religiously work on them. With that you would be assured of no last minute pressure on the day before the wedding or indeed on the wedding day itself.

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