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Wedding Tip: Parents of groom and bride

As the groom and the bride are coming together in marriage, a similar bond is born to their families. Therefore both families have a duty to pray for the two and support them so that the union should work well and last forever. In this case, the support does not always mean giving money towards the wedding ceremony. A simple call just to say we wish the two of you the very best can mean a lot as would a simple call or an offer for the two to come for a simple meal.

It should be appreciated that the bride and the groom want to feel welcomed. It is our duty as family members to pass such messages to them. Like my mother always says in chichewa "mawa ndi iwe", in English "tomorrow it could be you".

In the same vein, the parents or representatives of the groom and the bride should take it upon themselves to welcome the new child in the family. They should also take it further to meet their in-laws, share a meal together and break the ice. The parents / representatives do hold a key to set the pace for the rest of the family members to follow (war or freedom ). It should be a must for the parents or representatives from both sides to meet prior to the engagement or wedding day. Your simple interaction and positive attitude towards the union of your children might just be the right oil for the wheels of their union.

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