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Wedding Tip: Mutual respect

Mutual respect should be there between service providers and committee members or wedding planners. At whatever event we meet and take different roles, we need to bear in mind that our objective is the same....."to make the event a success". Therefore there is no need to undermine each other's roles, starting from make up artist, caterer, drivers, DJ, photographers, videographers, MC, security guards, decorators, and the list goes on and on. It is very important for all service providers to be on the same side, work as a team and remove the competition mentality. It becomes counterproductive, if, on the other hand, you have some committee members or wedding planners who have tendency of undermining or disrespecting service providers. This is very wrong and such approach should be avoided at all costs. Service providers do their level best not to let customers down, this should not be taken for granted. Do not undermine them for this discourages them and may make them not to give their best service.

There have been some cases in which some wedding committee members look down upon the service provides. They may have a wrong attitude towards the service providers to the extent of making them look useless and mere pushovers. The service providers could be mistakenly considered people who cannot add value to the event but the people with such misconception miss a very important factor that most of the services providers have families, and they are well respected people in society. We need to bear in mind that, like any other person, service providers need to be handled with courtesy.

That said, service providers have their own big responsibility to win the trust of the customers, committee members, wedding planners and other service providers. They have to earn the trust everyday in the manner they conduct themselves (time management, clothing, etiquette, etc). It is not automatic for someone to trust you. Therefore show them that you can be trusted. You need to prove to them you can be trusted.

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