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Wedding Tip: Moving of Events

With the confusion of moving events to this date and that date, one of intense issues cropping up within couples is where the groom or the bride prefers to do offication only for now so that the reception comes later in the year or next year while the other feels this will be a half-baked wedding and that a full wedding means having offication and reception on the same day hence you cannot separate the two. I would not define it as a fight but rather two people having different views on how to approach this chaos. So what is the best way to go about this?

Firstly, I believe the groom and the bride should have one voice on the subject, let the two of them have a debate over this before they incorporate anyone's views. When the two have made a final decision they should then communicate to those close by e.g. parents, ankhoswe and so forth. There should be a room to change the decision presented by the bride and groom in case parents and ankhoswe have valid points on why it should be changed.

So should the couple have only the officiation done and reception later or both should be done on the same day? This is purely an issue of preference but my advice is the couple should make this decision together, there should not be 'I' but rather 'we' . The focus should be what we want and not what I want. Secondly, on a lighter note another point to think of is 'do you want lockdown to find you married or single?'

As I have always stated, I prefer the bride and groom to make right choices together for their wedding programs.

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