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Wedding Tip: Leading Couple

In our Malawi wedding ceremony setup we have a role known as Leading Couple. Who are they, and what is their role?

A Leading Couple is simply a couple which the bride and groom choose to lead them and bridal party at the reception venue and most importantly they are the role models to the couple as they venture into marriage. The Leading Couples do not know it all; they take this role because they just got married earlier and have more experience than the newly married couple.

To me, a Leading Couple should be a type of couple chosen by bride and groom to lead them on their wedding. This should be done in time to enable the Leading Couple prepare for the big day properly. They should be a couple which the bride and groom admire, respect, adore, cherish, and look up to in many ways. There should be a connection between the leading couple and the new couple.The Leading Couple should be the first institution for the newly wedded couple to go to in case of anything hence the need for a good connection between them.

It is for this reason that I strongly believe that no father, mother, sister, brother, committee, wedding planner, grandmother, or grandfather should impose a leading couple on the newly-weds.

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