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Wedding Tip: Global pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the global pandemic of the Corona-virus (COVID-19), let us think for a moment of those couples who had planned to have weddings now or some few weeks from now. The complications are just too many if you think about it. For example, with travel restrictions imposed in many countries a groom or bride could be stuck in another country. In addition to that, guests who planned to attend the wedding and had already bought air tickets, may now be stuck somewhere. Imagine if such guests were asked to bring the groom's clothes, the bride's dress, rings or better yet the whole bridal party’s clothes?

I think of the couple that had planned well in advance and everything was put in place such that soon after the wedding they would travel for honeymoon away to some country which as of now has been locked down. As I have said earlier, the complications are too many that I can only cite a few examples. However, the fact remains that we should empathize with them. They need our emotional support in this moment.

One big question remains though: Do you cancel the wedding or not? I think as a couple it is important that you sit down and analyze this properly for it is not an easy decision to make. Few questions have to be answered: 1. If you cancel, what are the implications with the service providers? Consider calling them. Issues concerning refund, no refund should be discussed openly. 2. If you cancel, how far can you push the wedding date since no-one knows the end date to this pandemic? 3. If the decision is to go ahead, how many guests will you invite? Consider government directives on this. 4. If the decision is to go ahead, which sitting plan style will be used so the 1 metre distance between people is observed? 5. If the decision is to go ahead, what preventive measures will be used at the ceremony so the guests, families and yourselves are not exposed?

We are in a situation of too many questions but few answers. As a couple, together with parents and family representatives, decide on the way forward and communicate with the rest of the families on the decision. Overall, keep safe, religiously wash your hands, maintain social distancing and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Take care!

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