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Wedding Tip: Do get involved

Marriage is for both the groom and the bride, so is the wedding celebration. The task of wedding planning should be done by both parties at all cost. The time the event is handed over to the committee or the wedding planner, a good structure of how the event will run on the big day should be in place and both should be aware of each activity in detail. The committee's job is to come and perfect it or guide it to run smoothly.

Most grooms have a tendency of not bothering to have much details of the event and they feel this makes them a real man but I beg to disagree with that. Both the groom and the bride should be able to know where they are buying the suits, which salon is the bride going to get hairdressing services from, what colours will be used on the wedding day, who is the photographer and videographer, who is the DJ, who is the MC, and who will offer decoration services? Stop believing that a wedding is for the ladies for if it was the case then she would marry herself. As a groom, be a man enough to suggest colours for your wedding even if you could be colourblind, if the bride is good with colours do let it be but the point is you need to get involved. Go further and join your bride as she chooses a make- up artist, her wedding dress and so forth. The wedding celebration is for both of you and if you are involved from A to Z then it will not be a problem for you to answer any question from the committee team.

If the groom is on board, the bride should be able to accommodate his views. Do not undermine him or brush off his suggestions. Show them signals of appreciating their presence; for example, explain to them on why a certain make-up artist should be hired and in return they will explain to you why a certain DJ should be given the job. It goes both ways.....

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