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Wedding Tip: Chief Bridesmaid

A chief bridesmaid can be a close friend or even a family member. She is to play a vital role in a wedding; for example, helping the bride to organize a calm, stress-free wedding. She is to offer emotional and physical support to the bride when need arises. This role requires a mature and responsible individual who will work passionately with best interest of the bride and groom at heart.

*Preparations for the Wedding* 1. She should be a problem-solver for the bride while organizing the wedding. 2. Help the bride in choosing clothes and accessories. 3. Be well updated of the wedding details so that she can be the immediate help when need arises and take the pressure off the bride. 4. Manage the rest of the bridesmaids and making sure they are up-to-date with any wedding updates. 5. Attend rehearsals together with the rest of the team.

*The Wedding Day (Church)* 1. TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF THE BRIDE!!!! 2. Help on a smooth running of planned activities of the day. 3. Eliminate or minimize any potential problems or any area of concern. 4. Be the main contact person for any issues concerning the bride. 5. Making sure the make-up artist arrives on time to do the bride's hair and make-up. 6. Be a time keeper and making sure the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids are on schedule. 7. Helping the bride to fit in her dress and that she has eaten some sort of food. 8. Making sure that the rings for the groom and the bride are available, including the bouquet. 9. Follow up with those responsible for transport to take the team to church. 10. Helping the bride to walk freely with her dress while getting in the car, getting out of the car and walking on the isle.

*The Wedding Day (Reception)* 1. Ensuring that the bride's hair, make-up, dress and veil are in order. 2. Assist in receiving and storing the wedding gifts. 3. Make a short speech and make a toast, if desired by the groom and bride. 4. Assist to tidy up at the end of the night, if required. 5. Assist the bride to return any hired items after the wedding. 6. Assist in retrieving any bride's personal items which where at the venue. 7. Assist in coordinating and clarifying travel arrangements for the couple after the event. 8. Wish the couple well; pray for them daily.

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