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Wedding Tip: Be the master of time on your big day.

If you are getting married it means you are a grown up and capable of handling things by yourself. On the wedding day do not just sit and wait for the committee to do everything for you and your bridal team. For example, time management should start with you. Time management is a means of asserting greater control over your use of time and energy, rather than allowing tasks and demands to control you. There is nothing like Malawian time or African time, there is only "time". It is bad to have a guest you have invited to your wedding seated in time and waiting for you for a long time. The best you can do is to arrive at the venue together with them. If you are a bride then be in contact with your make-up specialist, photographer, and all those involved should respect the agreed meeting time. Be aware of your wedding day activities and use your time management techniques to tackle them with precision. The committee, wedding planner and you need to work together. It is one of the best practices for the organizers to take lead in managing time for the wedding programs. Good time management adds special colour to the event.

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