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Welcome to UN-Photography


My name is Ulemu Nkhoma and I am the owner and primary photographer for UN-Photography.  I'm honored that you are considering UN-Photography to capture your important moments and events! I do thank God for this and many more unmentioned lists of things he has provided and opened doors to.


"What is UN-Photography?" So here's a little bit more about me:


I have always loved a camera, whether video or still, and I was so blessed to have a father who loved to buy these for the family to use. Despite that we were young, he gladly allowed us to use and get familiar with the cameras, and such moments made the passion grow progressively. That being said, all this was done using old-fashioned cameras.


Introduction to DSLR


I have always known about DSLR as being expensive big machine cameras used by professional photographers in soccer, movies and so forth. I did not even bother to find out the exact figures these cameras cost, I just trusted my guts that they cost an arm and a leg. One other thing that I was not aware of was the issue of functionalities many of these DSLR cameras have. I guess that was a bit odd from me but it hurts at times to know the price of something you cannot afford to buy, hence a solution at times could be that what you do not know does not harm.


My young brother Mwayi bought himself this expensive DSLR camera, he keeps telling me how tough it was to get it and how he felt the pinch financially for months. I always joke that it was his personal credit crunch made by his own mandate, for I always say truth be told no-one told him to go and buy it, so why moan about it? Anyway, it is this same camera that I benefited from, I learnt more about DSLR from this particular camera; not only did I benefit from it but Mwayi himself also became a master to this gadget so he taught me many aspects of it. Being an elder brother to him, I told myself to put my ego aside and let this young man do his magic and it is by this strategy that I planned to pluck all his skills and, yes, the rest is history.


The passion for DSLR cameras grew from strength to strength, including everything connected to it. For example, the editing software’s for the pictures, - Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop- which I have mostly learnt by myself, and even the dynamics of photography which are wide and continue to be a journey that keeps unfolding itself day after day to me in particular, and it is such that I have come to understand the famous words "we learn new things everyday". Professional Photography is more than just clicking a button; the dynamics are complex than we think when we are on the other side of the coin. I have also come to believe that in this field one needs to be able to learn from others, be humble, passionate and of course enjoy every moment of your photography.


Over time my work has expanded to wedding and engagement photography, developing customized portraits and family photos, as well as any special events. There's something special and magical about being able to capture these special moments as they are once in a lifetime milestones that you will cherish for the rest of your life. At times, it does not even need to be an event, as long as am holding that DSLR camera I will come up with something special and admirable.


I appreciate you considering UN-Photography.  I'd be honored to learn about your upcoming photography needs. Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email for more information.


Thank you!